Sunday, August 2, 2009

Salpicon (Non-Alcoholic Fruit Cocktail)

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping and paid some really amazing low prices on fruits. The orginal plan was to go to my grandmother's house to make empanadas, but it was just too hot to fry outside (It was probably around 107 degrees which is normal Las Vegas temperature during the summer). We rarely fry inside the house since the smell will linger for days. So I justed payed them a short visit and caught up on stories. Since grandma works at a grocery store, she likes to check on me to make sure I am not paying too much for groceries. And when I do pay too much, she scolds me and reminds me that I need to buy using 'price-match' at the store she works...otherwise I am just throwing money away. She knows all the best deals that are available--we call her the Price-Match Queen. So, at the end of my visit, grandma stuffed my purse with grocery ad deals and sent me on my way to shop.

It was pretty exhilerating to get a grocery cart full of fruits for less than $20. I was able to bring home watermelon, peaches, green grapes, granny smith apples, papaya, a pineapple, plums and a few other things. I kept trying to think up recipes that would use up all the fruit. My husband and I have to eat it pretty quick before it goes bad. And then I had a faint memory of myself, five years old, enjoying a delicious Colombian fruit cocktail (non-alcoholic of course) that I drank when we used to live in Miami, FL.

Salpicon is one of my favorite fruit drinks. It is so refreshing and a real treat! You can also eat it as a dessert topped with vanilla ice cream and condensed milk. Joy!!


Fruit Cocktail
4 cups Passion fruit juice drink (or any other fruity drink)
6 cups of assorted fruit cut into bite sized sqaures
Assorted fruits include:
Pineapples, Apples, Seedless grapes, Peaches, Bannanas, and Watermelon

1. Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and stir.


1. Pour fruit cocktail in a glass. Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle with condensed milk.

Source: Adapted from My Colombian Recipes.


  1. I'm a fruit lover so reading this recipe makes my mouth watering ! Especially with 100+ temperature in Las Vegas, we all need something refreshing! Just wonder how do they come up with the name "Salpicon"...

  2. According to Wikipedia, Salpicon is a term in French cuisine applied to a preparation consisting of one or more ingredients, diced or minced, and bound with a sauce.

  3. I love salpicon make with the Colombian drink Colombiana. However,it can be made with other sweet sodas. It's delicioso!