Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bacon Wrapped Figs


Figs are a fairly new food to me. I have heard of them but I have never seen them in a grocery store here in Las Vegas. This past weekend at the Farmer's Market I decided to buy a pint so that I might find out why these expensive little fruits are so coveted by food bloggers across the nation.

I decided to try bacon wrapped figs. I figured it was hard to go wrong with anything wrapped in bacon. I was a little unsure how they would taste...but they were surprisingly pleasant. This recipe was really simple so I think it would be worth tweaking the recipe a bit. Just to bring out more flavor. After a little research, I found that you can also use prosciutto and pancetta in place of turkey bacon. Also I have read that mascarpone or ricotta cheese gives the bacon wrapped fig a nice sweet finishing touch.


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  1. I love Figs. I think this fruit is delicious but not many people know about it ! I tasted this fruit when I had Fig Jam, someone had a Fig Tree so she made Jam and gave me a jar, it was so good when adding a little on fresh bread in the morning! I only find Fig Jam at special stores, a small jar costs about $10. Now that Veronika has a new recipe Fig with Bason, it's simple to make, I will sure find some Figs to try out this recipe. Thanks Veronika. Christine