Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apple Tart and Thoughts About Beauty


My father has always said, “no hay mujer fea, sino mal arreglada” which means there are no ugly women, only women who do not care for themselves. I have always liked that saying because it implies that all women are beautiful. Beauty is about taking care of yourself, not looking perfect. There is beauty in the imperfect. I see it all around me.


An asymmetrical heirloom tomato is more interesting than a perfectly formed round and red tomato that is typically found in a grocery store. The heirloom has surprising colors and its story is fascinating.

When I go to the farmer’s market, there are so many beautiful yet simple foods. They come in all shapes and sizes—lumpy, irregular, and imperfect. The colors, shapes, and textures allow me to prepare recipes born from intuition.


The notion of finding beauty in imperfection is the opposite of what our society tells us. But it is a thought that is very compelling. The idea of abandoning perfection is very inviting. Its almost a relief.


In these pictures, I was inspired by the colors of this “pink pearl” apple. It is a heirloom variety. A heirloom vegetable or fruit means that the plant has been passed down through generations. The seeds are some of the oldest varieties of vegetables available. This particular apple is homely on the outside, but shockingly pink on the inside. Its as though they are keeping a little secret inside. The flavor is sweet-tart with a pleasant crisp. If you have not explored heirloom varieties yet, I encourage to do so. You will be pleasantly surprised.



  1. You have been a busy little blogger! I have spent all morning catching up! I love the pics, the great writing, and ofcourse, the food. So yummy and beautifully prepared and photographed... Thanks for keeping it up, it means a lot!

  2. those apples are gorgeous. I thought they were called hidden rose apples? We have some at the restaurant I work at. Such a pretty post :)

  3. When I bought them at the Farmer's Market they were labeled Pink Pearl. But you might be right, they may be a Hidden Rose Apple...

  4. Definitely Pink Pearls, the Hidden Rose apples have a green skin which is a stark contrast to the rich pink beneath. The Pink Pearl apples have a reddish blush on the skin. Great recipe, and wonderful words about beauty!