Thursday, September 23, 2010

Peach Ice Cream and Mosques


So now summer is over and I never had a chance to post my delicious Peach Ice Cream recipe until now. I thought it would be appropriate to crow bar in this recipe, since we won’t be seeing any more peaches or other delicious stone fruits now that they will be out of season. I must say that this is a delicious very rich ice cream. Its not a smooth ice cream like most, but chunky due to the fruit. You can also substitute nectarines in place of the peaches. If you prefer a more smooth cream, use less chopped fruit.


On a different note, I read a really interesting article the other day regarding the proposed mosque on Manhattan’s Ground Zero. The headlines have really stirred up a lot of controversy and a huge debate regarding religious freedom and tolerance. It hits a very sensitive nerve with the American people who would like to protect the sanctity of the site. Adweek proposed a really interesting question: “How would ad agencies tackle the problem of religious intolerance toward Islam and help resolve the issue of the Park51 center?”


This was a very interesting to me since I myself am an advertising professional. I pondered the question and wondered how I would approach the issue. It was very tricky. However, there were 30 brave agencies that took on the challenge and applied their advertising expertise to build a theoretical campaign that would answer the question. This is what they proposed.


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  1. Mmmmm that ice cream look delicious ....the pictures are gorgeous...thanks for the recipe