Monday, September 20, 2010

Here are a few of my favorite things

After enduring a nice HOT summer, it has finally come to an end. This past weekend was the last official weekend of the summer and we are now in fall season...tear. I can't believe how quick it went by! I am not really ready for the cold climate that is to come, but I am definitely ready and excited about the holiday season. But before I embrace this new season, I want take the opportunity this week to post a few pictures, a few summer stories and some of my new favorite things that I picked up a long the way.

Favorite thing #1: Molto's Farmer's Market. This summer I went to Molto's Farmer's Market religiously every single Thursday. I have discovered many news flavors there and it has been heaven! At Molto's I tasted for the first time dragons' Fruit, black garlic, dates, purple basil, and best of all BRIOCHE BREAD! YUM!

Favorite thing #2: Ruche. This summer I found many beautiful dresses and accessories online on Ruche. They have the cutest accessories and everything has a vintage flair. It has become one of my favorite online stores.

Favorite thing #3: Canelle Et Vanille. Canelle et Vanille is an incredibly beautiful food blog written by the amazing Aran Goyoaga. Her pictures are exquisite and I can never get enough of them! If you don't believe me, take a peek. It is a real feast to the eyes.

Favorite thing #4: Nest Pretty Things by Tamar. This is a lovely etsy shop with the most beautiful handmade jewelery. It is colorful, fun, and best of all it looks like candy. I am always checking back to see what new creations she has added to her store.

Favorite thing #5: Eat Drink Chic is a blog written by Amy Moss, who is inspired by all things that are beautiful.

Favorite thing #6: What Katie Ate is a delicious food blog written by an Australian Food Photographer, Katie Quinn Davies. Her photos are a real inspiration and oh-so-yummy!

Favorite thing #7: Daily Drop Caps by is an ongoing project by typographer and illustrator, Jessica Hische. Every post has a new decorative cap that she shares with all bloggers for the beautification of posts everywhere. Like the one I used for this post!

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