Saturday, April 17, 2010

Great Girls Getaway: Tulip Festival

Last weekend I did a girls getaway and went to Bellingham, WA to see the Tulip Festival. It was incredible how beautiful and picturesque the pictures came out. We had a blast during our visit and came back so inspired by the beauty of the colorful tulips, the old barns, and all the wild green grass growing everywhere! Bellingham was such a charming town that we vowed to visit again.

Tulip Town

Pretty in Pink

Pink Boots and Flowers

Tractor Rider

Chris tina bridge

Deception Pass 3

Field Trip

Barn Cosmopolitan

Barn Portrait Cosmo

Big Barn

Barn for Web

Holding Blossoms Textured

Fields of Gold

Purple Tulip Postcard


  1. Great Pics!!!! I love the first two! The little boys mom is going to LOVE that picture of him! Great Job! Here is the link to my blog it is NEVER up to date though! Sorry Thanks for a Great Girls Weekend! Tina